Magabi – My (PL: “ma”) Gabi. From the name of the owner’s daughter – because thanks to her, everything was created. First nappies and wraps were made at home for personal use. Soon after, the brand was created – to share with other mums – firstly the comfort of wearing hand-woven shawls (previously unavailable in Poland), and soon afterwards a healthy alternative to diapers of their children.

Magabi was established in 2016 as a small family business. Today, it is one of the most recognizable brands in the diaper and kerchief world, not only in Poland. We sell our products throughout Europe, and we are slowly expanding our offer to other continents. Each of our products is previously tested on Polish children and only after consultation and changes is put on sale. Magabi diapers are sewn in our own sewing room in Krobia, with full attention to every detail, which provides us with such a good reputation.

Magabi Cloth Diapers became famous for the introduction on the Polish market AIO diapers (All in one) with side clasp (so-called Pantsy). In addition, as the only Polish company, we produce woolen diapers knitted from the new merino wool. Currently, our offer includes almost every type of reusable nappies!

The special feature of our brand is certainly the original designs! Designed personally by Sylwia Ciesielska – founder and owner of the company. In addition to creating designs, Sylwia personally selects materials, sews prototypes of new diapers, runs tests and supervises production in the sewing room – in a word, she watches over the quality of Magabi products.




 Our company’s mission is to support parents in choosing healthy and conscious care for their children. The skin of the child is immature, and hence, it is extremely sensitive and thin and everything with which it has contact easily penetrates its structure. That is why it is so important to minimize harmful chemical substances in the immediate environment. The child stays in a diaper 24 hours a day, so we should be aware of the negative impact of using disposable diapers on the body of our baby.

We want the knowledge about multi-use diapers has become common and their use has ceased to arouse opposition and astonishment. We promote reusable diapers as easy to use, as opposed to the fact that our mothers and grandmothers were forced to diaper the children. They have little to do with old-time oilcloths. Indeed – Tetr diapers are still popular and appreciated – however, they are not cooked and ironed, and on top a breathable wool or a steam-permeable PUL wrapping is placed on the top, and not as before, a foil compress.

We want to have a real impact on the environment by reducing consumption disposable diapers, which constitute a huge percentage of garbage, which is due to the fact that they are unsuitable for recycling and are decaying incredibly long – they have been in landfill for hundreds of years and their quantity is still growing. One child produces in its lifetime about 1.5 tons of such garbage.

In our offer there are still new solutions, we spend a lot of time on improving our products. We want to provide our parents with the largest selection of diapers, so that, when completing a diaper patch, they find everything they need.

We support parents by e-mail, by phone and via facebook group.